Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale and Consignment Availability?

We will sell to wholesalers and on consignment. Please email us at for further information.

Do you sell custom and/orpersonalised orders?

Due to time constraints, we do not offer custom and/or personalise orders. However, we recommend Shannon Cornish Artisan Jewellers in Woodside, SA for custom orders. Josh completed his apprenticeship with Shannon and currently runs his workshops from her shop. Visit her website via this link,

Care instructions for different metals?

Silver We polish the silver before it is dispatched but it may tarnish over time and with wear. We provide a small silver polishing cloth with all our silver products, which you can use to polish your piece. Rub gently over area in a circular motion until the silver is polished. Repeat as many times as necessary. The silver polishing cloth may appear dirty but is still able to be used as there is a considerable amount of polishing compound on them. Another option for cleaning silver is silver foam, which is available at many jewellery supply stores. We recommend using Town Talk’s silver foam. Titanium Titanium is a tough, lightweight and durable material that is a dull grey colour in its natural state. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it does not react with sensitive skin. Titanium forms a hard coating of coloured oxide when heated or anodised. The oxidisation is a very fine crystallisation on the surface of the metal so with time and wear, the colours may fade. Titanium often can’t be worked in the same way as other precious metals, as it cannot be soldered or softened in the usual ways. If dirty, wash gently with warm, soapy water. Avoid polishing and scratching against other hard surfaces, as this will wear down the oxide layer. Brass and Copper We coat the brass and copper with renaissance wax before it is dispatched but over time and with wear, the colour will naturally darken and oxidise. This oxidisation occurs when the item is exposed to air and other various chemicals. There is no great reversal method other than to polish and lacquer it again so please keep this in mind when purchasing products with these metals. Silver foam may make a considerable improvement in colour but is not guaranteed. We recommend using Town Talk’s silver foam.

Sizing details?

There are approximate dimensions included in the product description in millimetres (mm) or centimetres (cm). Most items will have a picture of the product listing that show the items' size, including either a ruer, female's ear, etc.

Where can I sign up for jewellery classes?

Josh is currently teaching jewellery hobiest classes through Shannon Cornish Artisan Jewellers in Woodside, SA. Josh teaches over 70 students each school term with ages ranging from 18-70+ years of age. Here are a few quick points from her website: - We have a wide range of times available, in the daytime, evenings, and on Saturdays - Classes are held fortnightly during school terms - 3 hour or 6 hour fortnightly classes available - Cost for a 3 hour class is $72 ($360 for a term of five classes) plus the cost of materials - Cost for the 6 hour classes is priced at $138 per class ($690 per 5 lesson term.) Visit her website for more information and to sign up.