Our Story

Josh and Georgia Lamborn are the creators of Hive Artisan Collective (HAC). We are a husband and wife team who complement each other's strengths. Head to the bottom of the page to meet the team and get to know each of us.

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Our Products

We currently make handmade metal jewellery and metal roses/flowers. 

The earrings are elegant and we ensure each piece is made to our best standard.


The metal roses/flowers will look stunning wherever you have them. They can be included in a natural flower arrangement or be displayed by themselves. We put an emphasis on a quality that will last for all of our products.

The products we sell are unique and we hope they will leave you feeling happy whenever you look at them.

We want our website to showcase our products to all people, regardless of whether you have a disability or not. Check out our Accessibility page for more information on how we strive to do this.

Our Classes

Learn how to make your very own jewellery

We hope to start classes later this year so please subscribe to our mailing list via this link, so you can receive the latest updates. 

Classes will include jewellery making. No previous experience required and no set skills. It is fun learning new skills and Josh is a very patient teacher.

The Jewellery Classes will consist of either 3 or 6 hour fortnightly classes over a school term. This means you will have between 4-6 classes each term.

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Our Materials

Crafted from recycled and sustainably sourced metals

We are passionate about sustainability and we try to be sustainable from production all the way to you. 

The materials we use include Gold, Silver, Titanium, Niobium, Copper, Brass and Bronze. The most common materials we use are Silver and Titanium. View all of our products here

We lovingly gift wrap each purchase in recyclable packaging.

Our new workshop we are building is made out of Australian products (where possible) and recycled products. Follow our social media pages to see our progress.

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Meet the Team


Joshua Lamborn

Manufacturing Jeweller
Jewellery Teacher


Georgia Lamborn

Support Person


Will Sexton


Josh Lamborn is our main jewellery designer and creator. He is a manufacturing jeweller and has over 11 years of trade experience. Josh has been teaching jewellery hobbiest classes for over 6 years and thoroughly enjoys it. He teaches over 95 students each school term. He has patience, creativity and enthusiasm to encourage his students to try new and challenging projects. Josh is inspired by other crafts, such as blacksmithing. He thoroughly enjoys using these crafts together to create unique pieces. Josh and Georgia live in Charleston in the Adelaide Hills, where they enjoy the beautiful landscape and love wandering through the countryside. Josh has a keen eye and is always on the look out for unique pieces of nature to use as inspiration.

Georgia is the website designer, administrator and support person for the business. Georgia has completed all the photography you can see on this website. She looks after customers by responding to any emails or requests and is responsible for book-keeping. Josh's dream of opening a group workshop has become Georgia's as well and she wants to see the Adelaide Hills come alive with creativity. Georgia also currently works as an Emergency Registered Nurse, which she thoroughly enjoys. 

Will is currently undertaking an apprenticeship to become a boiler maker and lives in Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills. In his spare time, he does blacksmithing and has recently completed a few commission pieces for the Adelaide Hills Council that are located in Birdwood. Will and Josh have collaborated together to make the metal roses, which you can find in our shop.