This five petal flower feels like you are wearing flowers in your ear. Delicately cut by hand using a jewellers saw and formed using traditional methods to ensure a fine finish that will last.

Diameter is 1.5cm, the colour of the earrings pictured are dark blue/light blue and pink, and they are a 5-petal flower with a concave domed shape.


Josh has created a post that will secure to titanium. The process includes soldering a small disc to the post that sits at the rear of the earring and he hammers the end of the post to secure the earring and post together. He is a wonderful designer and creator!


There are 7 different colours to choose from. Colours may vary and blend differently with each piece of jewellery.

Titanium 5-petal flower, vibrant, medium, blue/purple, concave, handmade stud

  • This earring is designed for the earlobe. 

    Titanium is a tough, lightweight and durable material that is a dull grey colour in its natural state. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it does not react with sensitive skin.

    Titanium forms a hard coating of coloured oxide when heated or anodised. The oxidisation is a very fine crystallisation on the surface of the metal so with time and wear, the colours may fade.

    Titanium often can’t be worked in the same way as other precious metals, as it cannot be soldered or softened in the usual ways. 

    The earring post is approximately 1cm long and we use 0.9mm sterling silver wire. The post has a small notch towards the end to hold the butterfly clip in place. Each earring has a sterling silver butterfly clip stamped with 925.

    All earrings handmade in our workshop in the Adelaide Hills.

    Each item is created by hand, textured and made using organic processes (not machine made), therefore each piece may be slightly different than pictured.

    Care instructions: If dirty, wash gently with warm, soapy water. Avoid polishing and scratching against other hard surfaces, as this will wear down the oxide layer.

    Each purchase is carefully placed into a cotton filled small, sturdy cardboard box and placed into a large envelope. 

    Please allow 3-5 business days from placing your order to shipping.

    Thank you for visiting Hive Artisan Collective!