Silver Pressed Flower Earrings

Silver Pressed Flower Earrings

Very attractive earrings for a casual day out or everyday wear. These earrings are made by punching a small ball of silver into this flower shape using a fly press. Josh loves doing different styles and we have fallen in love with this specific flower because of how quaint and elegant it is.


The diameter is 10mm and is a flat shape with the flower rounded on the surface.

  • Product Info

    All earrings are handmade in our workshop in the Adelaide Hills. Hooks and stems are made of sterling silver.


    Each item is created by hand and made using organic processes (not machine-made), therefore each piece may be slightly different than pictured.


    Care instructions: We polish each item before it is dispatched but it may tarnish over time and with wear. We provide a small silver polishing cloth with all our silver products, which you can use to polish your piece. Rub gently over the tarnished area in a circular motion until the silver is shiny. Repeat as many times as necessary. Another option for cleaning silver is silver foam, which is available at many jewellery supply stores.


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