Copper Hammer Texture Disc Earrings (dangle)

Copper Hammer Texture Disc Earrings (dangle)

This texture is achieved by repeatedly striking the surface with a highly polished ball hammer. It creates a diverse and unique surface that reflects light beautifully.


Diameter is 23mm and length is 34mm including the hook. It is a disc/circle with a convex domed shape.

  • Product Info

    All earrings handmade in our workshop in the Adelaide Hills. Hooks and stems are made of sterling silver.


    Each item is created by hand and made using organic processes (not machine made), therefore each piece may be slightly different than pictured.


    Care instructions: We coat each item in renaissance wax to slow its oxidisation but over time and with wear, the colour will naturally darken and oxidise. This oxidisation occurs when the item is exposed to air and various chemicals. There is no great reversal method other than to polish and coat in renaissance wax again so please keep this in mind when purchasing products with these metals. Silver foam may make an improvement in brightness but is not guaranteed, depending on the amount of oxide. We recommend using Town Talk’s silver foam.


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